Monday, March 11, 2013

What's Next?

Contrary to the Ski Tech's prediction, it took 6 days – not 10 hours – for post-"Great Squaw Valley Fiasco Misadventure of 2013" (aka, the month during which I wore the same red Lululemon Athletica scuba hoodie whenever I wasn't skiing) depression to set in. That would be Sunday night, when I realized that last week's 3-day work week, thanks in part to the 'Noquester faux snow storm, was a fluke. 

If you were in Tahoe in February and didn't see me 
wearing this when not skiing, then you didn't see me 
when not skiing. Just sayin'.
So what next?

I upgraded my hoodie to another overpriced hoodie.

Retail therapy at its best.

And I took a yoga workshop with Tiffany Cruikshank.

And I ran for the first time since December November.

It went surprisingly well. Usually when I go for a run after a hiatus, it's my lungs that give out first. On Saturday, it wasn't my lungs. It was my quads. Those high altitude training aficionados may be on to something. . .

Thanks to slower recovery time due to getting older, though, I spent yesterday and today embarrassingly hobbling down stairs like I just finished the Boston Marathon. Except I ran 22.7 fewer miles. And just for kicks, I went out for another couple of miles today because I don't feel like running in the forecasted rain tomorrow (though, really, with the meteorologists' track record lately, it'll probably be sunny and 64˚ tomorrow). See? I'm actually training for next month's 10K.

That's what's next.