Monday, November 5, 2012

Heading into Half Marathon Week

Okay, friends, it's the week of the Richmond Half Marathon! Yikes!

Although my training plan actually incorporated a few races, including a 15K/10-miler, I struggled in post-Army Ten-Miler recovery. The first week out, I kept trying to go out for scheduled runs and feeling like crap 3 miles in. My 11-mile long run last weekend was a messy 7 miles. My legs were spectacularly not thrilled. Note to all the whippersnappers who may be reading this: the biggest difference that I've noticed between running now and running even 5 years ago is how much longer recovery takes. :(

Last week, Superstorm Sandy grounded me. Not only was it dangerous to spend any amount of time outside early in the week, the gym was closed. Then on Wednesday I got lazy. After last Saturday's long run, I was a sedentary lump until Thursday morning, when I ran 3 miles and then hopped on a plane. And I didn't run again until Sunday. 

I plan a couple more runs and some yoga this week. Then it's time to pack the bags, head down I-95, and see what these legs can do!

Last week by the numbers:

Sunday: 1 hour Pilates reformer & 3-hour hips and core workshop (yoga)

Monday: 1 hour vinyasa yoga. Basically the last time I stepped out of the house for 24-hours.

Tuesday: 1 hour vinyasa yoga. 

Wednesday: 10x400s. Rest. Sigh. This here is the reason going sub 2:00 on Saturday will be out of reach: not enough speed work.

Thursday: 3 miles. 

Friday: Rest. 


Sunday: 12 miles. 11 and change miles. Close enough. :)