Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good Thing We're In Maintenance Mode

Last week demonstrated that if I want the Richmond Half to go as planned (read: sub-2 hour), I will need to quickly learn how to best balance yoga teaching, race training, and being a full-time not-a-yoga-teacher. From Sunday through Saturday, I taught 7 classes and 90% failed to stick to the maintenance running plan. I wouldn't trade having taught any of those classes, but half marathon base building didn't exactly get on track from picking up an extra 4 classes. And I still am pretty bad at getting enough sleep. On the other hand, I am all caught up on episodes of MasterChef, just in time for the show to go into reruns during the Olympics.

Last week by the numbers:

Sunday – 6 miles. Massage
Monday – 3 miles + strength. 6 miles in 76 degrees and 91% relative humidity. Technically, this was my long run scheduled for Sunday, except I was up until 4am on Sunday reading The Help. By the time I woke up on Sunday, it was time for my massage. Anyway, a little less than halfway through Monday's run, a friend spotted me while biking into work, although we didn't confirm this until later in the week. Hi James! Then with about .75 miles left to go, I treated myself to a walk up an on-ramp and promptly got passed by Emily. Also, 1.5 hours vinyasa yoga. Yes, I consider my yoga practice "strength."
Tuesday – Rest.
Wednesday – 4 x hills. Uhm. More rest. I excel at it.
Thursday – 3 miles + strength. 2.6 miles. I meant to go farther, except the run was a commute to a yoga class that I was teaching, and I forgot which "long way to the yoga studio" route to take. I was early to the studio. Mat Pilates in the evening.
Friday – 1 hour vinyasa yoga.
Saturday – 35 minute fartlek. 7 miles. The first 4.5 miles were moving well at a slightly sub-10 minute mile pace where I kept urging myself to slow down. Then, at the point farthest from home, my calves started screaming and the quads weren't too thrilled, either. The last 2.5 miles were a disaster. I need to figure out how to stop this from happening or else I'll be walking across the finish line in November.


  1. Oh gosh you had me laughing with your "more rest. I excel at it" comment. Keep going, you can do it!!

    1. Hee hee. Thank you so much. I need to have you move up here to constantly motivate me!