Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The current version of the Ragnar...
On the heels of Bay to Breakers, I was invited to join a team for the inaugural DC version of the Ragnar Relay. Having just deemed adventure racers as utterly nuts after volunteering at the Greenhorn Adventure Race in April, the last thing I'd expect myself to do is a 182-mile, 12-person relay run along the C&O Canal, from Cumberland, MD, to Washington DC. So, I've taken crazy (for me) to a new level and became the 10th member of a DC-based (but oddly North Carolina affiliated) team. Not only that, it's beginning to appear that I may be the 5th or 6th fastest person on the team. Well, unless you count the teammate who wrote that her 10K pace is "about 10.5 miles per hour, but I'll work on speeding up" as being faster than my 9-minute mile 10K pace...

Did I mention that the Army 10-Miler is a week after the Ragnar Relay?

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