Sunday, January 13, 2008

Honey, iHome

As anyone who's lived in a dorm or apartment building after the prominence of cordless phones but before everyone and his dog had a cell phone knows, the frequencies of cordless phones sometimes got jumbled up, and every now and then, you could hear someone else's salacious conversations. Usually, it was just static interference.

Along those lines, my iHome stereo system has a remote control that is operated by not infrared but rather, radio. That's right. And generally, it's pretty cool to be sitting in my bedroom and be able to turn off the stereo in the living room. However, last night, I was listening to the latest album by the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens when all of the sudden, Carl Kassel's baritone filled the air. Then, just now, the entire system just turned itself off.

Trolls? Or, dare I suspect, someone in my building operating something with the same radio frequency as what my remote is set to? It could be worse, though, my stereo could be hooked up to The Clapper.