Monday, October 22, 2007

Benjamin Moore Aura Paint

I promised one of my loyal readers (I think there are only two) that I would post a photo of what I spent my Sunday doing. I had the opportunity to get a gallon of one of the new Benjamin Moore Aura paints for free. These things are not cheap - around $50 - but it's supposed to have lower VOCs, etc. I wouldn't know because I'm such a hack painter that I needed to have a can of paint thinner nearby. Good thing the weather was gorgeous yesterday, and I could open the windows while painting. I can say that I swear by Benjamin Moore paints; the bulk of my apartment is painted with that brand's paints except for the bathroom area, which was a big mistake. With Benjamin Moore, I can get away with as little as one coat of paint. With the inferior competitor, I needed close to four. So, the new additions are the darker wall in this photo and the little indentation part. The indentation is supposed to be a lighter hue than the main part, but it's really tough to discern. Alas.